Private Contest: First Place
Nominee – Lápiz de Acero Awards 2014
Selection - XXIV Colombian Architecture Biennale 2014
In association with Arch. Edgar Mejía

Location: Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
Design date: 2012
Construction date: 2013
Area: 2,600 sq.m.
Estimated project cost: US$3.1 million

The Auditorium of the Company of Mary – La Enseñanza School – Medellin, arose out of an analysis of its location, its different levels and the activities performed there, seeking to have the least possible impact on the existing trees and sports infrastructure. On the inside, the project’s boundaries are provided by the surrounding landscape, a treetop canopy covers circulation areas, and the auditorium’s interior is constantly tied to the external vegetation. This project goes beyond the idea of a traditional auditorium, crossing over environmental, cultural and pedagogical variables that will support the institution’s educational project.

Juliana Gómez
Sergio Gómez
Carlos A. Betancur

Bourbon Mindshare Studios

Foto Encabezado Auditorio La Enseñanza