Medellin River – Metropolitan Promenade.
Institutional Cooperation LAUR - UPB

Location: Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
Design date: 2011
Area: 120 Ha

Our plan, developed at LAUR-UPB and framed within the Metropolitan Area and Urbam’s BIO2030 Master Plan, takes advantage of the latest opportunity for integrating the city with the river along its un-rectified length. In the first place, it seeks to create the landscape of an urban river that will promote environmental, social, cultural and economic balance in the northern sector of Medellin, maintaining its natural structure and, in second place, to integrate it into the citizens’ imagination, into the daily lives of the sector’s inhabitants and of the entire Aburra Valley.

Our starting point was the relationship between public spaces, the environment and the landscape. From here we created an “urban river side” that articulates urban systems with natural systems. For this, we needed to release the land along the banks of the river and the streams, improving ecological connectivity and urban runoff and making the different bodies of water visible. We use the city’s fabric to fulfill ecological functions and set up a riverside park along the river’s western bank. This will be built in stages and associated with sector and metropolitan scale service facilities.

Images: Urbam and LAUR +OPUS