Selection - XXIV Colombian Architecture Biennale 2014
Public Contest: First Place
In association with Toroposada Arquitectos

Location: Alpujarra, Medellin, Colombia
Design date: 2008
Construction date: 2010 – first stage
Area: 67,000 sq.m.
Estimated project cost: US$60 million

This project arose from a reflection on our Department and its geographical, biological and cultural diversity. It seeks to build architecture that has a tropical identity, using environmental and climate conditions as a starting point. This is a project that recognizes and incorporates traditional architectural elements from the city of Medellin, such as patios, terraces, bridges and balconies, and adapts them in a contemporary manner to an office building. It’s also an invitation to use a citywide model that incorporates vegetation into its urban spaces and represents a society that coexists with the exuberance and fertility of its territory.

Its first stage consists of the improvement of 15,000 sq.m. of public space in a three-level urban plinth, with different rooms and uses. There are also two institutional towers that currently contain decentralized offices for the Government of Antioquia and the Mayor’s Office; and, alongside these, two complementary buildings: the first of these the installations for Teleantioquia, a public TV channel, and its production areas, and the second contains the auditorium for the Cultural Center, a space for cultural activities to complement the institutions in the sector. In the future, a second stage will incorporate a hotel, a horizontal piece that will finalize our proposed urban plan.

Photos: David Puerta, Sergio Gómez and PUS

Foto Encabezado Plaza De La Libertad