Selection - XXIV Colombian Architecture Biennale 2014
Institutional Cooperation LAUR - UPB
Co-Director: Arch. Felipe Bernal

Location: Palmira, Colombia
Design date: 2011
Area: 250 Ha

This Plan is based on a recognition of Palmira’s ecological structure, its articulation with the rural agricultural and scientific uses of the Cauca River valley, and its integration into the current urban fabric, arriving at a development that recognizes local values, proposes new spaces that will change the city from a “pass through city” into a “city to live” and turn it into a model for future sustainable urban developments along the corridor between Cali and Palmira.

The main results are: reconstruction of an ecological network, utilization of green areas, a vision for a system of public spaces, the insertion of furnishings at different scales. It also promotes a mix of uses and social classes, and defines different types of housing, accompanied by a stage-based model that allows the land to keep on being used as it is currently as the units are developed towards 2030.