Multi-family housing
Mention - XXIV Colombian Architecture Biennale 2014

Location: Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
Design date: 2011
Construction date: 2014
Area: 2250 sq.m.
Estimated project cost: US$1.0 million

This project arose out of an opportunity for finding real estate possibilities on an enclosed plot of land in an area where many large multi-family projects are being developed. Alongside the development group, we embarked upon a process wherein we drew up ideas and examined the profile of future residents. This allowed us to group together our interests and develop a partnership project for nine homes, three of them duplexes.

The implementation creates an interior enclosure by placing two medium-height volumes, each with one home per level, that together make up an interior patio. Both volumes are connected by bridges and external stairways that link each level of the project, taking advantage of the views and the weather, and creating meeting spaces for the neighbors.

Foto Encabezado Lote32