Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla
In association with Arch. Edgar Mejía.
Real Estate Excellence Award, International Real Estate Federation, Engineering Building Universidad del Norte.

Location: Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia
Design date: 2010
Construction date: 2013
Area: 11.000 sq.m.
Estimated project cost: US$12,75 million

With this project we want to promote the pedagogical work of architecture, putting into evidence the building’s technical systems and leaving them in full view of the students, turning this into an open lab. Its image seeks to reconcile the artisanal tradition of vernacular architecture, the area’s natural riches and the port’s growing industrial activity.

The building’s construction takes into account the series of patios that make up the University campus and brings together the main pedestrian flows into an access patio that incorporates existing vegetation and creates a public access level with collective recreation and rest activities that promote interactions between the members of the academic community.

Photography: Juliana Gómez
Video: CPA Centro de Producción Audiovisual - Universidad del Norte