Curator: Lucrecia Piedrahita

Location: Medellin, Colombia
Design date: 2012

“A space without divisions that will truly give artists and the audience every freedom of movement. One must grant an extremely ample spatial diffusion to the sources of sound… “ John Cage

This Installation, within the framework of the exhibition called “Homage to John Cage, a master of planned random chance”, uses random chance as a structure for composition and “noise-silences” as the subject matter for creation in order to recreate and mix in a single location the sounds and videos of eight city streets. The world of noise is incorporated into an enveloping and visual experience, in which spectators participate by turning silence into an action that composes, collectively, a symphony of “unwanted” sounds. The sounds of cities that we used were Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Madrid, New York, Paris, Buenos Aires and Medellin.

Curator: Lucrecia Piedrahita