LAUR - UPB Institutional Cooperation
Architectural Co-Director: Felipe Bernal

Location: Palmira, Colombia
Design date: 2011
Area: 10 Ha
Estimated project cost: US$1.1 million

The Central Park is part of the first stage of the Santa Barbara City Plan, for which we developed the general concepts defined therein on a citywide scale. The foundation for the project is our recognition of the old access road to the Santa Barbara Hacienda, using the full potential of the massive hundred year-old trees that line it, and turning it into a structural axis for the park by using it to connect sports and activity areas on the eastern side with passive contemplation areas to the west.
The project includes proposals for sustainable water management, recovering native vegetation, and creating rest and recreation areas associated with current fittings so as to promote standards of living for the future housing projects that will surround the park as it develops.