Educational installations

Location: Tarazá, Antioquia, Colombia
Design date: 2013
Area: 600 sq.m
Estimated project cost: US$0.75 million

“An Educational Park is a public meeting space for citizens in the 21st century. A space that’s open to the entire community, that represents the concepts of Antioquia, the most educated region: a commitment to our people’s talents and abilities, to the natural resources we have in abundance in all corners of our department. This commitment turns quality public education, science, technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and culture into privileged actions that will, based on the potential and riches of and in our regions, fight against social inequality, violence and a culture of illegality.” Sergio Fajardo V. Governor of Antioquia.

Faced with this challenge of making the Educational Park into a reference point for Tarazá, we defined the following criteria: the project must symbolize the concepts of “Antioquia, the most educated region,” it must promote the territory’s transformation, take advantage of current resources, promote new social relationships and highlight its rich vegetation in its gardens, creating a large patio with shade to work as a meeting place.

Foto Encabezado Parque Educativo Tarazá