International Contest: First Place
In association with Manuel Delgado and Jorge Pérez

Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Design date: 2012
Area: 115.8 Ha
Estimated project cost: US$160 million

Faced with the chance to transform the La Carlota Airport into a metropolitan park for Caracas, our proposal sought to take full advantage of an area with great ecosystem, social and urban potential, by putting into effect five interrelated strategies that will result in new relationships and meanings for this part in the city.

These strategies are: Contribution to and environmental equilibrium, Re-establishment of diverse relationships between water and the landscape, Bringing dynamism to urban issues like mobility and transportation, Promotion of citizen participation through education, Innovation and spaces created for Caracas inhabitants and, finally, Promotion of sustainable real estate development using management models included in the proposal and that will generate the financial support for project development.

Foto Encabezado Parque La Carlota