Public Contest: First Place
Selection - XXIII Colombian Architecture Biennale 2012
Selection - XXIII Iberoamerican Architecture Biennale 2012

Location: Barranquilla, Colombia
Design date: 2009
Construction date: Ongoing
Area: 50.000 sq.m.
Estimated project cost: US$13,75 million

Under the public space component of the Special Heritage Management and Protection plan (PEMP, in Spanish) for Barranquilla’s Historical Center, this project seeks to improve current conditions in the San Nicolás Plaza, San Jose Complex, San Roque Plaza, Hospital Plaza and Las Palmas boulevard.

The main lines that structure our proposal for renewing these five plazas and, with them, the city’s historic center, are: Recovering the river’s cultural landscape and the meaning of water as a part of the area’s landscape heritage, reinterpreting elements like canoes, ferries and the old float plane hangars; highlighting the current architectural heritage; providing sustainable management for surface runoff; re-vegetation of the city center, promoting its condition as a historical monument, activating trade and stationary sales and transforming informal employment.

The first project is the San Nicolás Plaza, which, along with the Cathedral and its surrounding buildings, represents, from the point of view of the city’s urban memory, a historical landmark with great symbolism. This intervention will be the starting point for a process that will transform and improve a sector of great historical importance.

Photos: Carlos Cruz and OPUS