Institutional Cooperation LAUR - UPB
Co-Director: Arch. Felipe Bernal LAUR-UPB

Location: Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia
Design date: 2011
Area: 55.000 sq.m.
Estimated project cost: US$45.0 million

As a starting point for the Campus Expansion Master Plan for the Pontificia Bolivariana University, Bucaramanga Installations, we recognized the location’s opportunities and restrictions and the region’s characteristics, producing an open collective space that would serve as a meeting place and circulation area for the academic community and other visitors. We took advantage of the location’s scenic background and visual quality, directly linking the buildings with their natural and landscaped surroundings, turning the university campus into a space for biotic, cultural, educational and human convergence.

Foto Encabezado UPB Bucaramanga